Our Process

In the end, we build more than a home.

We build relationships too. Our homeowners send us Christmas cards and invite us to their kid’s birthday parties. No kidding. There aren’t too many builders who can hang their (hard)hats on that. But, remember, we’re not your typical builder either.

Transparency is what makes our process unique. There are no illusions. Here are the top five things we imagine you’ll want to know before we meet (and if you think of something else, just give us a call).

Management Fee.

We are an ultra-premium home builder who strives to give you the best possible outcome for your investment. As with any top service, we believe you get what you pay for. Thus, we’re not inexpensive. Yet our upfront pricing ends up being similar to what other builders ultimately charge when the project is done. (But our projects were planned the right way from the start. We think honesty matters.) The management fee we quote is based on the scope, size and complexity of the project. It’s not cost-plus. It’s disclosed up front, and fixed once you sign the contract. You know exactly what we’re making from day one. End of story.

Change Orders.

Creativity, on the other hand, is an open book. So, when the (inevitable) changes occur, like moving a wall, raising a ceiling, or upgrading finish materials, you can make those decisions without having to worry about additional fees. The work is the same for us; therefore, the price is the same for our service. When we said our management fee is fixed, it really is fixed. The only charge for a change is the actual cost for our subcontractors to complete the work. We even show you the real invoices … from all of the subs. We know. Wow.


Our bid proposal is the most thorough you will find in Kansas City. We promise. (We kinda feel like you should know everything about your project.) We bid allowances that are reasonable and set for your specific budget. For example, if you’re generally interested in the KitchenAid or Sub-Zero/Wolf appliance packages, we’ll provide you with some average pricing options from your preferred line. Of course, you can always decide to pick a different model or brand after the contract is signed. Then, we’ll help you keep track of your allowance budget throughout the project by providing weekly reports. It’s that easy.


Payment plans are never one-size-fits-all. We strive to meet your individual needs as much as we can. We also will work with your lending institution. No problem. Then, as an added bonus, we’ll pass along any builder discounts we receive. We never pay retail, so you never pay retail. Again, our management fee is fixed and there are no tricks up our sleeve. We do not receive kickbacks or incentives from our suppliers. You get all of the extra perks that come our way.


Our subs are an extension of us and, therefore, are extremely important. We recognize that this relationship is a two-way street. Therefore, we are very loyal and we always pay our bills on time. Our subs appreciate this, and respond by making excellence their habit and applying our elevated standards to all jobs. Plus, when needed, we are able to hold them accountable for their work. You are always getting the best subs available when you pick Gahagan-Eddy.

Transparency is the difference with our process. Getting the house of your dreams built to exacting standards (measured in inches, of course) is just the icing on the cake.

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