You want expertise. We have loads.

There’s nothing we love better than starting a project before it really starts. You know. Before the architect. Before the lot. Before everything. Just you and a piece of paper. Truly, this is how we create some of our best work.

Sometimes our owners refer to this development stage as a three-legged stool. If you have all of the legs in place before the plans are complete (we’re talking about the homeowner, builder and architect), you will have a rock-solid base. But, if you’re missing one of the legs, your project is bound to fall flat. We’ve heard some true stories. Ouch.

Our job is to offer you a lot of information, including construction efficiencies, unique architectural ideas and names of some of the best subs in the business.

Later, once the architect has been hired and the plans and specs are complete, we’d love to have you as a client. But, it’s your choice. If you choose someone else, or choose to do it yourself, we’re happy to help any way we can, staying in touch as much as you’d like.

We also understand that you may be reading this after you’ve started a project yourself or hired another builder. The construction process can be overwhelming at times, so it’s not uncommon to get a second opinion. Maybe something isn’t turning out the way you pictured or isn’t working correctly. We’re happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you, getting the project back on course.

Whatever your situation, the Gahagan-Eddy Building Company is here to make sure your needs are being met.

Pricing is hourly, but the knowledge is unlimited.

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