Our Little Secret

Ready-to-build plans for a faster build.

You might say this page is a bit personal to us. (Because, it is.)

When it comes to building homes the right way in areas like Prairie Village and Fairway, Kansas, or Brookside, Missouri, modest lot sizes are often overlooked by luxury builders. But we understand how a fine property can be scaled to be stunning at any size. Through our own experience, it’s become clear to us that established neighborhoods are in a unique position to look better than before.

Scalable is the operative word. It’s something we’ve been saying a lot lately.

Whereas you may see our expansive estates in Mission Hills and beyond, we also have a keen eye for the charm, character, style, and dimensions that are expected when building a fine home on a smaller lot. We know this better than anyone because Prairie Village is in our back yard. And we believe in building homes the right way, especially where we live.

All of this pondering has led to Our Little Secret.

We understand that there are some clients who desire a faster build when constructing a home in an established neighborhood.

This rush can lead those clients to purchase a spec home that already exists, which is never custom, and we feel that diminishes the character of our neighborhood, along with your investment.

So how do you balance building a truly custom house with the longer build times when you are on a tighter timeline? Our conclusion is this fabulous little secret. Shhh.

We are now offering a handful of ready-to-build plans to kick-start your homebuilding process.

These plans have been personally designed with established neighborhoods in mind. And all of these homes are nicely appointed starting in the upper $800’s, plus lot. (We already plan for all of the stuff you want, like wood floors and the best possible construction methods, so you don’t have to worry about that price creeping up, as it does with many other builders.)

Here is the process if you’re interested in securing one of our ready-to-build plans. (Of course, we typically start our projects with just an idea, an architect, and a cup of coffee, so you are always welcome to skip this page and just give us a call.)

  1. Review the ready-to-build architectural drawings that are available on this page.
  2. Select the drawing that best aligns with what you want in your home. (Note: If a drawing is designated as “pending reservation,” then just give us a call and we are happy to add you at the top of our wait list, or we can discuss other plans we have in the works.)
  3. Meet with us and tell us everything you want to change. (This is where the custom part of us thrives. We welcome all of your changes, and we will already have some to offer you, as well. The only thing we won’t do is build the same house twice.) If the design you land on is close enough to the original plan, then we will remove those plans from future consideration by other clients. Once a drawing is reserved, it’s gone forever. Again, we never build the same house twice.
  4. Pick your lot. We offer prime real estate for sale in Prairie Village if you haven’t already secured your lot.
  5. The architect will modify the drawings based on your ideas, final lot size, and more. This will eventually be final enough that a detailed bid package is then submitted for your approval. Homes are typically built within one year of signing this document.
  6. Final construction drawings would then be prepared for your approval. This will include engineering and permitting. Upon your approval, we would break ground. (Remember, spec home buyers never get this experience.)

We are determined to offer plans that are unique from anything else we’ve ever built. We’ve spent substantial time with architects designing these, so you won’t have to.

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